Little green guy

Little green guy by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

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So, I was writing my journal entry at 1 am before going to sleep, and I see this green little stinkbug, barely 8mm in size. Ironically, it had turned up earlier in the evening, when it disappeared before I could get the camera.

This time, I wasn’t gonna miss it. I ran to get the camera. Now the first thing one has to know while photographing insects is to be dead patient. I had to run around this guy, with the lens following it. Many a times, it would climb up to the lens (I have to keep it real close to the subject when I use my close up lenses, which are real low focal length) and then I’d have to jerk it off the lens. And then finally came a time when it was walking all over the table, and after stopping at the edge, it started looking right at the camera. I couldn’t miss that opportunity. I clicked away thrice before it went into its normal routine of running around again. Two went out of focus, for my hands are shaky and I can’t really control the shutter speed except for increasing the ISO sensitivity. And although the increase in ISO made it grainy, the little green guy is still the cutest.

Exposure f/2.7 1/20 sec
ISO 1600
Date Taken 07/18/2010
Camera Canon PowerShot A1100 IS
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  1. @mou 🙂 Best part's that it was looking straight at the camera, in the absence of which the photograph wouldn't have been "cute", although it may have been good…

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