Not another LED photograph

Not another LED photograph by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

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I remember when I used to see all those LED photographs which I saw in different magazines, and all over the Internet and wondered how I’d make some beautiful LED photographs if I had a camera in which I could control the shutter speed and go for a long shutter exposure.

Naturally, I’d never been into LED photography before this one. And after I shot this one with a shutter exposure of 15 seconds, holding and waving an LED in my hand, I’ve become quite a fan of LED photography myself. Although what I tried to capture was just the LED trails, but what I got was way more beautiful than what I had expected. The hazy reflections of the LED trails reflecting from the floor definitely caught my eye when I saw it on the screen later.

Exposure f/2.7 15 sec
ISO 400
Date Taken 07/02/2010
Camera Canon PowerShot A1100 IS
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