The rice bug

The rice bug by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

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Bug photography is one of the thing I never miss. These little bugs, are famous here for their rice like smell. The moment you try to touch them, they release a strong stink which resembles that of rice. The kind of smell you’d get if you’ve been to the sawing of rice after the crop is ripe. You get these a lot in humid places. I have seen these (or at least smelt these) in both Kolkata and Agartala. Other places I have lived in, were not as much humid, and no doubt, I didn’t get to see any of these there.

Photoblog Awards
Exposure f/2.7 1/40 sec
ISO 1600
Date Taken 05/22/2010
Camera Canon PowerShot A1100 IS
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