Fog and Mist

Fog and Mist by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

Photoblog Awards

I took this one during my trip to Cherrapunji. Don’t really know what this place is. But it’s somewhere on the road between Shillong and Cherrapunji. It was particularly early in the morning. I remember because the bus was supposed to leave at 8:00. Had to wake up at about 6. Good thing the bus took a stop on the road and I had the camera in my hand. Don’t really know the exact time this was taken as the clock on the camera was not set to the right time, and I hadn’t noticed (It’s the same with all pictures I took during the trip). I remember the dates from memory (and the calendar). The soil on the right was a bit brown and the grass at the lower left was a little green, but I decided to desaturate it. It looked better in black and white (B&W intrigues me in its own unique way).

Exposure f/3.0 1/640 sec
ISO 80
Date taken 2011:07:06
Camera Canon PowerShot A470
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