The Old Holy Basil Flower

The Old Holy Basil Flower by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

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I reckon nobody would want to hear the back story of how an artist got back to his art, but here’s the summary: I got up really early today, couldn’t go back to sleep and had nothing else to do. Result, I started checking out some artists’ blogs. After three hours, I decided to go back to what I was once good at. Went to the market, picked up some water colors and brushes (figured out then that prices had touched sky). I spent another two hours working on getting a subject to paint. Finally, I settled for a portrait of Josh Radnor (I am big darn fan of How I met your mother). I was going for the photorealistic genre, but I guess you can’t really change your signature after years of developing your own. This was the first time in about four years. I hadn’t picked up a brush, let alone a pencil in four years. Of course, being a software engineer, I haven’t had much contact with writing with hand for a long time. Holding the pencil was tough enough (I prefer to sketch out the outline before beginning with the brushes). Fortunately, the portrait turned out just fine… I figured I’m not as regular with my painting to setup another blog for it. I’ll post it here when I get it scanned…

I also tried posting more regularly, but with work, it’s kinda hard to maintain the enthusiasm (has been happening every time I think I’m going to post more regularly, for the last three years)…

And now about this photograph, I took it during my Agartala trip. My parents’ neighbours had a holy basil tree on the roof and the flowers were quite brown (as opposed to violet)…

Exposure f/2.8 1/640 sec
ISO 100
Date taken 2013:10:14 15:28:20
Camera Canon PowerShot A2500
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  1. I like this image of the Holy Basil Flower blowing in the wind Sudipto… thanks for the visit today… i have been out of touch a bit lately as well….peter:)

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