As hope fades away

As Hope Fades Away by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

Photoblog Awards

Yep, this one was done with a point and shoot camera. Also, my camera doesn’t have a manual or priority mode either, so it took a little insight and cheating the auto-focus system to achieve this (and post-processing to fix the exposure and white balance).

Exposure f/2.8 1/5 sec
ISO 400
Date taken 2013:10:07 20:55:01
Camera Canon PowerShot A2500
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  1. An excellent image that you shot and processed well.

    It seems that I can't see how to leave a comment on your photos unless someone else has left one. There seems to be no comment link.

    1. Yeah, this template has that issue… Thanks to your comment, I spent three hours trying to fix it and now that I have fixed it, I'm the first in the world to have fixed this issue in a definitive way… 🙂

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