Up in the air

Up in the air by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

I moved to Hyderabad yesterday!

Along the way (from Kolkata), the skies were full of clouds for the most part, which of course meant a little turbulence (not that I’m afraid of turbulence tbh unless there’s too much of it).

Funny thing is, my phone’s GPS ususally does work in the air if I’m sitting beside a window, but yesterday it only received signals from two satellites. So I couldn’t get a lock and hence, don’t know exactly where I took this photo (or at what altitude). But it was a few minutes before I landed. So I’m guess it’s a few (as in, in the order of tens of) miles north east of Hyderabad…

Also, talking of “Up in the air”, check out this awesome title track from the movie of the same name: Up in the air (because I really like that song).

Exposure f/3.5 1/2500 sec
ISO 100
Focal Length in 35mm 75
Date taken 2017:06:17 17:06:12
Camera NIKON D3200
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  1. they are beautiful blue clouds Sudipto… i also have blue clouds today with black silhouettes of the trees around the lake…
    it's great to visit you again….peter:)

    1. Oh, that's not a lake… Those are all clouds… Beneath the big white one, it's all black clouds… 🙂

      Matter of fact, I couldn't see an inch of ground from the sky at that point… 🙂

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