The amazed fish

The amazed fish by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

This is another of many several fishes they have at the Pattaya Underwater world…

One very important thing I learned that day, is that it’s tough to photograph fishes in dark aquariums. I had to bump the ISO upto 6400 – 12800. I couldn’t use flash as that would have scared the fishes. I however, met this guy who saw me taking photos of my friends, and he was like trying to teach me about the uses of Flash… 😀
So he clicked away with his flash to demonstrate. But there were sharks above our head there (the aquarium was all around, and the walkspace was a tunnel through it. And I really didn’t want to scare or agitate the sharks (you never know how strong they make them aquarium walls). 😀

Come to think of it, I believe this guy was amazed by how far Technology has come… 😀

In other updates, I’m getting my brand new Tamron 70-300 tele/macro lens in an hour… I think I’ll go to one of the lakes after it gets delivered…

Exposure f/1.8 1/500 sec
ISO 6400
Focal Length in 35mm 75
Date taken 2016:04:15 15:12:33
Camera NIKON D3200
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