The dholak

The dholak by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

I took this during the trip to the Orchid park in Kaziranga. Turns out, they have a traditional Assamese dance show in addition to all the awesome Orchids there…

The instrument he’s holding is a dhol (it’s a kind of a drum), and dholak means drummer…

Also, I think I’ll go to a lake today… The new lens will be awesome… 🙂

Exposure f/4.2 1/400 sec
ISO 1600
Focal Length in 35mm 195
Date taken 2016:10:17 12:22:30
Camera NIKON D3200
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  1. So, the dholak drums the dhol! See, I'm already starting to learn the language. 🙂 Enjoy your time at the lake, if you go, Sudipto. Take lots of images.

    1. Well, you're a quick learner Ginnie… 🙂
      I didn't get any photos at the lake yesterday though… 🙁
      But I'll go again this weekend… Persistence is the key I guess… 🙂

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