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It’s wonderful how sometimes small and seemingly insignificant things remind one of things that are important (to him). I saw these bunch of ground nuts drying under the sun during my stay at my uncle’s. The quiet surroundings had me doing nothing other than photographing small beautiful things. I don’t really recall how this made me do a macro, but it did turn out to be appealing to me.

For those who have been actively following me, sorry for the delay. I was quite busy the last couple of months, getting a new job and shifting to a new place. But now that I got my Internet, I’ll get back to posting more regularly. And there’s one more bad news – I do not anymore have a camera at my disposal and therefore the next photographs might not date during this time. But do keep following because I have nearly a hundred photographs lying around that I haven’t posted yet.

Exposure f/2.7 1/500 sec
ISO 80
Date taken 2010:10:21
Camera Canon PowerShot A1100 IS
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  1. This photo is very well done. the focus was placed perfectly. the different shades of red come into the light to best advantage.

  2. Yeah, glad you are back! Hope everything goes well for you. And hope you get a camera soon too. Thanks for stopping by letting me know your in action again. I like this red dominant image. Strong color.

  3. @Everyone Thank you.. Your appreciation keeps me going.. 🙂

    @Eliane They're peanuts..

    @Doug Thanks man.. Really needed that.. 🙂

  4. Great colors and the fact that it convey the feeling of hotness and summer. Beautiful tasty pic

  5. Not sure if it's the same, but I grew up in Malaysia and there were lots of dried peanuts sold as snacks. They look similar, and are quite salty. Your photo takes me back to my childhood, of buying peanuts from vendors on bicycles.

  6. @Evelyn Yep. It's the very same. Only, the ones you're talking about are fried. These are raw.. 🙂

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