Rain in Cherrapunji

Rain in Cherrapunji by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

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I had long heard of how Cherrapunji had the largest rainfall in the world. For those that were not aware of that fact, Cherrapunji is a place in the state of Meghalaya, India. Its original name is Sohra. Cherrapunji was the name given to it by the British (before independence). It’s famous for its Scottish highlands like landscape and of course – rain. But that is not all it is famous for.

Lately, I had the chance to visit the place. The place where I took this photograph is where the famous Mawkdok valley. The bad news, it was all covered in clouds. Apparently, the clouds were stuck in the valley with no open space to spread apart. The good news, there were rain drops hanging from the railing of the stairway that led to the viewpoint. I did some more shots of the local flora, not enough though. One can never get enough of that place.

Exposure f/3.0 1/100 sec
ISO 80
Date taken 2011:07:06
Camera Canon PowerShot A470
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  1. Nice picture, quite often when we get to a place we want to photograph we do not see what we came for at first. You have taken a picture where there was none, its lovely and conveys the environment to one who sees it.

  2. @Doug, @Otto, @Danou, @Evelyn, @Steven Thanks 🙂

    @Piers You wouldn't believe, I was thinking the exact same thing while photographing these.. 🙂

  3. I like this close-up of the drops on the railing VP. …they are crystal clear and you DOF gave you that beautiful backdrop….you made the best of a rainy day….peter:)

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