Twin flowers

Twin flowers by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

By now, you’re wondering, “How many of these flowers does this guy have in his inventory?” Well, there are quite a few more… 🙂

Not as many as you’d think, but quite some. More will follow in the coming days… Although, I think I’ll post some more birds this week…

The one in the back is blurred, but this group of plants had the exact same looking flower every inch on a 10 by 4 foot piece of land!

The garden was especially nice… Mostly because flowers are one of my favorite when it comes to nature photography. They’re a lot more still than insects or birds… 🙂

Exposure f/4.5 1/4000 sec
ISO 800
Focal Length in 35mm 277
Date taken 2017:07:29 12:38:52
Camera NIKON D3200
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