Flowerception by Sudipto Sarkar on Visioplanet

Another beautiful flower in the colors garden in Ramoji…

Well, I got the new monitor yesterday morning. Turns out, it has a few settings. Why on earth they’d add different settings for a color corrected monitor is beyond me. I admit, I’m not good at those. The colors on the Mac look slightly different from those on the screen. On all the modes. 🙁

I spent the entire day yesterday and half the day today trying to figure this thing out… Well, the Game mode is close (at least for this photo).

And my posting program kept failing for this photo. Probably because of an embedded thumbnail or something. So, I’m posting this the old school way. From the blogger website…

Exposure f/5.6 1/2500 sec
ISO 800
Focal Length in 35mm 450 mm
Date taken 2017:07:29 12:38:10
Camera NIKON D3200
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  1. This is called Vaada Malli ..the Jasmin that does not fade
    No smell but a beauty to look at!
    Gomphrena Globohosa..Globe amaranth or Bachelor button 🙂
    Devi 🙂

  2. Ugh, technology!!
    I hope you get it all worked out soon, Sudipto.
    This flower…it is called a snow-capped lavender (even though it does not look snow-capped or anything like lavender!). I have some in a planter near one of my entryways. It reminds me a bit of a strawflower, and it really is very beautiful.
    I love this photograph.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Sometimes going through any kind of change just about does us in, Sudipto, right??? Ugh. But knowing us all, you'll get used to it before you know it.

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